We offer a complete line of vision care services. Please feel free to contact us  with any questions or to schedule an appointment.

Walk-in Exams – The first step to better eyesight is stopping by one of our two locations. Whether coming to us to change your prescription, get new contact lenses, or meet to discuss one of our various medical services, all patients are welcome. From there we can determine your best options for improving your vision.

Medical Eye Exams – Our Milford and Waterbury locations are equipped with the latest technology allowing us to give patients comprehensive medical eye exams. Regular examinations are an important part of maintaining optimal vision health by detecting potential conditions before they become a problem. We test for glaucoma, cataracts, and many other disorders, as well as treat emergency eye traumas.

Retinal Imaging – Understanding how the inner section of the eye functions is an important element to comprehensive vision care. Our doctors are trained in the contemporary retinal imaging technologies that discover conditions and impairments beneath the surface of the eye. With this information, we can better treat ocular disorders and avoid future vision problems.

Contact Lens Fittings – We offer contact lens fittings for all interested patients to help ease the transition from glasses. The exam ensures the correct fit of the lens. We also spend time demonstrating proper lens care. The right fit and good hygiene are key elements to keeping your lenses comfortable and avoiding eye irritations and infections.

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